Prolotherapy – “The Alternative to Joint Surgery” is a medical procedure in which the cartilage and ligaments that support the joint will be stimulated to regenerate. The word prolo comes from proliferation, which means regeneration or growth of tissues. Prolotherapy refers to injections performed to the joint with different solutions. The most common solution used is a mixture of procaine and dextrose. This procedure is performed by a license physician and if done properly could alleviate symptoms of arthritis, instability and joint pain.


“Prolotherapy is a method of injection treatment designed to stimulate healing. Various irritant solutions are injected into ligament, tendons and joints to encourage repair of damage tissue.”

-Hackett and Hemwal-


The quantity of treatments varies depending on each case. Average 3 to 7 treatments. Discover here how to clean the house in one day along with maids from Florida. Most patients tolerate the injections with no problems, occasional and on request nitrous oxide is used for sedation.

Prolotherapy is safe and effective procedure for any joint pain. Also the recovery time varies from patient to patient, however most patient continue with their daily activities with some discomfort or none at all.

Dr. Ramon Esquerdo has been performing this procedure for many years with great success, visit Although sometimes surgery is needed, he always likes to give it a try and avoid surgery if possible.



Prolotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain

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